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USA Green Card Lottery-Official U.S Government Entry Program: Apply Now

USA Green Card Lottery Program

The annual Diversity Visa Lottery, known as the Green Card Lottery, annually provides 55,000 Permanent Resident Cards to individuals from “under-represented countries” that have been published in the United States of America and meet two basic eligibility requirements. This year’s Green Card Lottery Program (2018) is called DV-2020 (the year that successful candidates for the United States have on the Green Card) and now offers two basic entry requirements. The program provides permanent residence cards to the winners and authorizes the winners and their families to live, study and work as permanent residents in the United States of America. The Green Card Lottery Program is a United States Permanent Resident Card, popularly known as the Green Card of the United States due to the Green Resident Card.

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How to apply for a Green Card in the Diversity Visa Lottery

 Applications for the US Green Card Lottery are only accepted online. In the past, paper applications with signatures and attached passport photos were accepted. In 2003, the process was changed by the United States government, and applicants can now only apply online. Register of online visits 15 business days.


The Online USA Green Card Lottery Application Process:

  • Check if you qualify to apply by clicking on the box below
  • Receive registration number and password to your account
  • Log into to your account to complete/change your information
  • Provide/upload photos of yourself and any co-applicant
  • We will crop and resize your photos so that they meet the diversity visa lottery requirements
  • We will submit your complete and error free application
  • Check online, if you won your Diversity Visa Green Card
  • Winners are notified by the US Government by mail, and by email from us
  • Winners receive interview preparation advice, at no additional cost
  • We Accept Registration 365 Days a Year
  • Free Online Support by our USA Immigration Experts. Clickk the boxx below to apply
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