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Official: Canadian Government Approves Visa Application For Refugee 2018-Apply Now

Canadian government acknowledges the Geneva Convention guidelines, in relation to the status and protection of refugees from persecution. Around the world, many suffer from human rights violations and fear of returning to their native countries. To see if you might qualify, please fill out the Refugee Claim Application.

Convention refugee abroad class

You may be in this class if you:

  • are outside your home country,
  • cannot return there due to a well-founded fear of persecution based on
    • race
    • religion
    • political opinion
    • nationality, or
    • membership in a particular social group. Examples: gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Translation of documents in English or French

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Any document written In other language other than English or French must be accompanied by:

  • the English or French translation;
  • an affidavit from the person who completed the translation; and
  • a copy of the original document.

Translations must not be done by the applicants themselves nor by members of the applicant’s family. Family member is defined as being a parent, guardian, sibling, spouse, common-law partner, grandparent, child, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew and first cousin.

Outside of Canada:

  • a notary public

Authority to certify varies by province and territory. Consult your local provincial or territorial authorities

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