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10 Reasons Why Your Canadian Lottery Visa Will Be Rejected, You Can’t Apply Without Reading 2 & 7

If eventually you have few travel experiences, they could be frustrating, inconvenient and humiliating than arriving in a foreign country only to be denied entry at the port. Upon applying for Canada lottery, you may have been unpleasantly surprised with an entry denial based on a criminal offense, medical reason or something different. Learn the 10 most common reasons why your Canadian visa lottery application may be rejected and what you can do to prevent it from happening again.

The condition of being ineligible to apply for visa lottery is called inadmissibility. In Canada, there a two main types: criminal inadmissibility and medical inadmissibility. Reasons outside of these fall into the “other” category.

Criminal Inadmissibility – Even minor or very old offenses are taken very seriously by Canadian border officials. This is true even if the offenses occurred in countries other than Canada. Having a criminal record is the most common reason for being denied entry into the country.

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1. Past Criminal Conviction

You maybe denied entry to Canada if you have been convicted of a crime. This counts for both minor and serious crimes that are illegal in both Canada and the country where the crime was committed. Examples include drug possession, theft, reckless driving driving under the influence, assault, manslaughter and resisting arrest.

2. Involved in human rights violations

These include war crimes, crimes against humanity, or being in a senior position in a government that has been internationally sanctioned or is responsible for gross human rights violations.


Medical Inadmissibility – Subsection 38(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) covers inadmissibility based on health grounds. According to this subsection, a medical officer is tasked with assessing the permanent resident or foreign national’s health, taking into account any official medical documentation pertaining to the person.

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3. Endangerment to Public Health or Safety

During the assessment, the officer will consider the communicability of any disease the person has as well as the potential impact of that disease on the health and safety of the Canadian public. For example, you may be denied entry if you have hepatitis, influenza, measles or other communicable disease. Non-communicable diseases such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder which may be associated with the risk of violent outbursts or irrational behavior are also grounds for medical inadmissibility.

4. Potential to Cause Excessive Demands on Health or Social Services

Medical inadmissibility includes an excessive demand component. A person can be denied admission if they are deemed to have a condition whose treatment could create a drain on the Canadian healthcare system. Spouses and common-law partners of Canadian sponsors are exempt from the excessive demand clause.

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In some cases, your lawyer can help you apply for a TRP to have your medical inadmissibility excused or apply for humanitarian and compassionate discretion (H&C) which takes into account public policies and the interests of directly affected minor children. Continue to apply for visa here using the site


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