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Weird facts about Vietnam and her people

Vietnamese people eat dogs and cats

This is probably the weirdest  thing about Vietnam. Dogs and cats are very popular to eat in this country. Vietnamese claims that the best meat is from the young dog. The older the dog is, the more tough and gristly its meat is. They also said that every dog breed tastes differently.

In Vietnam, Dogs are raised at home where they live with people and when they are about two years old, they are killed and eaten. It’s also worth to know that Vietnamese buy stray dogs from other Asian countries like Thailand only to eat them.

Not every Vietnamese eat dogs. Some of them treat dogs and cats as pets. They must take very good care of them- kidnapping and killing animals is very common in Vietnam.

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Vietnam is famous from weird drinks

Snake wine is a very popular drink in Vietnam. This drink is prepared by putting a whole snake and scorpion or just a snake into the bottle and than pour the rice wine into it.

The best liquor is from the venomous snake. Its venom is denatured by the ethanol so it is harmless.

Vietnam interesting facts Snake wine

Vietnam is a spiritual country

Vietnam, like many Asian countries, largely follows Buddhism, and as a result, you’ll find countless beautifully decorated temples and shrines across the country, everywhere from subterranean caves to mountain peaks.

facts about Vietnam: buddhist temple in Vietnam - Backyard Travel

Vietnam has sun all year round

There is literally never a bad time to visit Vietnam.

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It also has high altitude destinations where the weather is downright cold. When you’ve had enough of chilly mountain air, you can head to the southern lowlands for tropical temperatures and plenty of sunshine.

fact about Vietnam: it is always a good time to visit the country - flower sellers crossing a river on a boat

Wife robbery custom

The custom of wife robbery is considered as marriage strategic mode. This process is very popular in the West – North-East of Vietnam. And they still keep this custom nowadays but it just a custom for form’s sake. Young H’Mong men and women are free to choose their partners. Marriages are absolutely forbidden between men and women of the same lineage. Matrimonial life of the Mong is very harmonious and divorce is very rare.

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In spring, when the apricot flower forest blooms out with white, it signs a wedding season coming with brocade colors in many villages throughout the North West and North-East. The Mong has custom taking his beloved girl to home to become his wife (as robbing wife) As a young man who knew a girl and want her as his wife he would go and force her to his home.

Image result for robbing wife custom in Sapa

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