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5 exotic locations you won’t believe are in the UK

Why think of buying a beach house in Hawaii, or even snapping up a waterfront home in Florida? Do you know your dream home might be closer to hand than you imagined; Ever visited UK, it is full of hidden exotic locales that feel a million miles away from the our drab city streets. Here are five of the best.

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In the village g is your Torquay, Cockington looks like the chocolate box town time forgot. If manicured thatch and a lack of double glazinthing, nothing tops this Devon town. It’s just  like a rural France, without the French.

The Vale of Glamorgan

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Most people think they would need to move to Italy or France to enjoy dreamily living amid vineyards. But from the south coast of England to Fife, rows of vine are popping up everywhere. The one above is just outside Cardiff.

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Known as ‘Sunny Tiree,’ the most westerly island of the Inner Hebrides is famous for its long, uninterrupted hours of sunshine, regularly recording the longest sunny periods in the UK. It also boasts stunning crystal white beaches. Not quite Hawaii, but almost.


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The vast shingle beach at Dungeness in Kent is the UK’s only desert, and the only place in Britain where the dream of living in a Nevada-style wilderness can become reality. Crawling with unique wildlife, and with a vista dominated by two Nuclear Power Stations, there really is nowhere else quite like it.

The Cotswolds

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Oddly, these Miami style waterfront homes are located in the rolling Cotswolds.  They come complete with everything from overhanging decked terraces to designer open plan layouts. Everything apart from the Gators.

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St Michael’s Mount

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Why go to France for spectacular Norman castles, when there’s St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall?  Those living in the mainland town of Marazion have romantic views that rival anything in Europe. Or a Disney movie.

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