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Things to know about Norway and their Visa Requirement

Important Information About Norway

Norway occupies the western part of the Scandinavian peninsula in northern Europe, with almost one-third of the country situated N of the Arctic Circle. It has an area of 324,220 sq km (125,182 sq mi). Comparatively, the area occupied by Norway is slightly larger than the state of New Mexico. Extending 1,752 km, Norway has the greatest length of any European country. Norway is very beautiful,interesting and fun to stay, there in Norway you will see a lot of  Fantastic things like Water falls, Mountains, very nice both in winter and in summer,  seriously You can imagine living in a place like this, infarct  it looks  like the type of place you dream about but you know it doesn’t actually exists.


 Water falls
Knowing the type of visa you intend to Purchase

General requirements for obtaining a visa:

  • Original passport valid for travel to the Members States to visit. The passport validity must exceed the planned stay in the Schengen Area with at least three months. The passport must have been issued within the last ten.
  • Complete photocopies of original passport, except blank pages.
  • If the applicant is not a resident of Nigeria, a justification for lodging the application here must be provided.
  • Previous passport in original if a new passport has been issued within the last three years.
  • Photocopy of the national ID card (both sides).
  • One color photos not more than six months old, passport size (45 mm x 35 mm), full face and taken against a white background. Click here for specifications.
  • If you are self-employed, you need to provide a Business Registration Certificate.
  • If you are employed, please provide the employer’s letter with details like position in the Company; leave duration, etc.
  • Individual medical travel insurance which covers all costs that could arise as a result of emergency medical assistance, emergency hospitalization, medical repatriation or repatriation in case of death. The insurance should cover costs of at least EUR 30,000 and be valid for the duration of the stay in all the Schengen countries.
  • Preliminary ticket booking or travel itinerary (it is not necessary to buy a flight ticket at this stage).
  • Payment or proof of payment of the visa fee.
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The purpose of the journey; accommodation, or proof of sufficient means to cover accommodation; assessment of sufficient means of subsistence both for the duration of the intended stay and for the return to the country of origin or residence;

 If your application lacks any of the above documents marked above it is considered inadmissible and your documents, including application fee will be returned to you without further notice. (Visa Codex art. 19:3).

Important notice:

The mere submission of the listed documents does not guarantee the issuance of a visa. Individual assessments are made in every case.

Additional requirements for minors (under 18 years)

  • Original and copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of both parents ID-cards and passports if applicable (all pages containing any type of information)
  • Legalized written consent letter from both parents if the child is travelling alone, or from the parent that is not accompanying the child when travelling.
  • If either one of the parent is absent or deceased this must be supported by the information on the birth certificate or a death certificate when applicable
  • If the legal guardian is someone else apart from the biological parent as stated in the birth certificate a custody order must be submitted proving the legal guardianship
  • A letter from school containing the child’s name, name of parents, grade, number of years at school, school holidays, contact details, date and name of school representative.
  • If the child is travelling with a group please submit a complete list of names of all group members travelling and name of person in charge of the group.
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