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Five Captivating places you’ve never imagine in Japan

Haven’t finalize where to go in Japan for complete  a year? Here are  5 captivating  places in Japan you will enjoy and have fun. These places not like Tokyo or Osaka. Many people might have heard about these places, but majority  of people have not  yet been there. These five Exotic places are:

Miyakojima in Okinawa 

Miyakojima is a city district encompassing the Miyako Islands in Japan’s Okinawa Prefacture.  Miyakojima is known to have  the most beautiful ocean in Japan. It is located between main island and Ishigaki island. Unlike the Okinawa main island it is not overrun with tourist and therefore a  perfect get way for people  who want to enjoy a peaceful Vacation away from daily hustle and bustle. Miyakojima  has its own unique flair that will make your holiday truly Unforgettable. In fact Heavenly resort is not enough to express Miyakojima because the Ocean there is more preferable than those Saipan and Guam.Miyakojima

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Miyakojima, Okinawa, Japan

Camping in South Kyushu

Camping is  indeed Rampart nowadays. But would like to suggest South Kyushu for camping which has all year round mollifying  temperature and beautiful nature. It is very nice to go camping in Japan because the Japanese have a really good manner.Renting a car is also necessary for Kyushu camping. Relax at night in a tent and look around the beautiful nature of South Kyushu during daytime.

camping in Kyushu

camping in Kyushu, Japan

Iriomote Island, Okinawa

Iriomote Island (“Iriomotejima” in Japanese) is the second largest island on Okinawa Prefecture after Okinawa Island.It is located about 25 km west of Ishigaki Island.The main part of the island is roughly 20 km square, and a peninsula with complex coastline extends at the southwest part of the island. The island is mountainous, and the whole area is covered with natural subtropical forests.The main mountains are over 400 meters high, but two main rivers (Nakama River, Urauchi River) flow down from the mountains . It is a perfect choice for an exotic travel in Japan.

Iriomote Island

Miura Peninsula near Tokyo

Miura Peninsula is the landmass at the southern end of Kanagawa prefecture that splits Tokyo Bay and Sagami Bay from one another. The trip to Misakiguchi Station takes about an hour from central Tokyo followed by a short 20-minute bus ride to reach the port town of Miura and its cool sea breeze. Sounds good, but is it cheapo-friendly? This is where it becomes interesting actually. The railway company Keikyu offers a special round-trip 2-day transport pass from Shinagawa or Haneda Airport to the peninsula for only ¥5,500 that includes a fresh seafood lunch and discounts on activities in the area. However, you might not know that you can meet a nice fishing village if you take an express subway southward. This Miura peninsula has a beautiful mountain and beach.  Every morning the fishing boats return to the port of Miura with fresh fish caught right off the shore. With such an abundance of fresh seafood on its doorstep, it leaves little to wonder why Miura is so famous for its tuna. 

Toyama Kurobe Alpenroute

Toyama Kurobe Alpenroute is known as Switzerland in Japan. It is  very renowned for its colored leaves in autumn and snow tunnel in winter.  This place is made mainly for “Nature lover.” A variety of transportation will show you gorgeous and clean nature,Toyama Kurobe Alpenroute

Indeed, these five captivating places recommended above is really fun to stay, Why not try it  now.

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