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How to Apply For Multiple Passports, and Crossing Borders Legitimately-Apply Now

Acquiring a second passport is more than just signing some papers and getting a passport in the mail. The are other four ways you can always apply to get a second passport, feel free to use the one that will be most comfortable for you:
One of the fastest way of getting a second citizenship is by investments. This can come in form an economic citizenship programme where you are expected to either invest in certain funds as specified by the local government or to invest in real estate
Dominica and St. Kitts, both of which charge six figures for citizenship are the most famous economic citizenship programs, but there are others, including those offered by Austria, Bulgaria and even the United States. These, however, are much more expensive.
This encompasses all the unconventional ways of getting a second passport. This route is a very delicate and controversial one however, it is still an option.
Options under this method include:
  • Adopting a child or giving birth abroadThis option involves either giving birth in a foreign country or adopting a child from a foreign country owing to the fact that a country grants citizenship to everyone born in its territory, a practice referred to as jus soli in legal terms.

    Most countries in the world have lenient requirements for residency and citizenship for persons who are legal guardians of their subjects. Brazil is a very good example, France also allows those born on its soil to be French, but this can only happen if one of the parents is already French.

  • Marriage
    Another flexibility option is marriage. Many countries have lower requirements for naturalization if the applicant is married to a citizen of that country. Therefore one marries a citizen of another country, your spouse who can claim his/her passport through ancestry can also sign up for the spouse but you have to sign up with a qualified immigration attorney first for guidance as this option is not always the most expedient or convenient.Changing religion

    The third flexibility option could potentially be the most personal of all and applies only to one country, ISRAEL.

In Israel, the “Law of Return” provides means for all Jews, and individuals of Jewish ancestry, to acquire Israeli residency and citizenship. Jewish ancestry is explained as having at least one Jewish parent or grandparent in the Israeli law .

In the case of not fitting the ancestry definition, the Israeli law also provides the ‘right of return’ to all converted Jews of all denominations, and the conversion need not take place in Israel in order to qualify.

In either case, it is on the applicant to provide adequate documentation proving either Jewish ancestry or conversion to Judaism. Please note that the Israeli authority will check these properly.

  • Ancestry

This is sure the easiest way to get a passport, it requires an evidence of you having parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents in some cases from the right place in the world.

Getting a second passport by descent is potentially free and with this you can get a second passport in a very short time and at a very low cost or no cost at all.

  • Time:

For most people this is the ideal option, because it doesn’t just lead to a second passport, but it gives you the most important benefit of a second passport right away:

Most countries provide a means to obtain citizenship and second passport by applying for residency and then spending a certain amount of time (usually five years) in the country but in some countries, you don’t even need to actually spend any time in the country to become eligible to apply for a second passport.

The strictness of the rules to become eligible vary significantly, some countries such as the United States, make it very difficult, but countries such as Panama make this process very quick, affordable and easy.

Please note that residency options change frequently. They are absolutely subject to the laws of supply and demand.

The number of ‘slots’ available in any particular country tends to rise and fall over time. If the economy is doing very well and they need more workers, for example, immigration restrictions will be relaxed. Usually most applications are done at the embassy or online, Online applications offers free and fast response to emails.

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