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Happy Holidays!!! 5 Exotic Xmas Vacations You Can Take Without Visa-Apply Now

Its Obvious now that for some countries, getting visa to other country can be overwhelming,  probably your summer holiday plans may be canceled  usually because of the large number of queues at the embassies and while for some embassy, you literally feel like they don’t want you in their country.

Well, stop wondering if it possible to travel to exotic places without needing a visa because we just gathered the information for you, yes that’s what we do.  New York, Hawaii, London or Germany are very nice places to visit but have u ever thought of Honduras in North America, Mexico in North America, Guatemala in North America, Thailand in Asia and Zanzibar in Africa. To put the icing on the cake, you can visit this places at a low cost of visa

A very good place to capture the magnificent scenery, natural beauty, indulge in exciting activities, shop till you drop and enjoy delicious cuisine; here are 5 exotic vacation spots you can go to without visas. These destinations are perfect vacation getaways. Zanzibar in Africa, Indonesia in Asia,

1. Honduras:

Only few people around the world knew anything about this country until it was all over the news some time ago when the president got forced out of office. You can always find fabulous deals on scuba diving packages on Roatan Island. This Caribbean island sits next to the second-longest coral reef in the world, and every hotel seems to offer attractive package plans no matter the season. On the mainland you’ve got tropical national parks, the rugged Moskito Coast, and Copán, one of the key Mayan sites in the Americas and a great little colonial town.

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$25 white-water rafting trips; weeklong learn-to-dive packages with room, breakfast, and transfers for under $250; a cold coconut with a straw for 20 cents; and admission to the Copán archeological park for $6.

2. Zanzibar
Royal Zanzibar

Zanzibar of Tanzanian is one of the most beautiful island destinations in Africa. The destination is amazingly beautiful, full of scenic beaches and luxury resorts. Believe it or not, Zanzibar is a really nice to spend your vacation.  Visitors get to experience the rich culture and heritage of the island. For those who want to enjoy their holiday in the natural scenery of forests and beautiful coastline, Zanzibar is the perfect destination for you. Everyone can visit Zanzibar for 90 days; visa can be acquired on arrival at the point of entry. Not stressful at all.

3. Guatemala

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This is only a shade farther to fly than Mexico, but it is a truly exotic destination. The descendants of the Mayans still dress in traditional clothing in the villages surrounding stunning Lake Atitlán. The Spanish colonial buildings in the city of Antigua are older than anything left standing in our historic city districts. The sprawlinga archaeological park of Tikal is the granddaddy of Mayan ruins, and still surrounded by jungle.

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Taxis in Antigua for $1; great hotels with a view on Lake Atitlán for $30 a night; a week of private Spanish lessons including home stay starting at $100; a zip line canopy tour near Tikal for $12; three pounds of bananas or avocados for a dollar. La Ruta Maya Online is the best resource for hotels, tours, and Spanish language schools.

4. Thailand

As with Honduras and Mexico, visitor numbers plunged when Bangkok was all over the news recently, so there are plenty of deals on airfare, tours, and hotels. This is a popular destination for travelers of all budget levels. Thailand continues to be one of the best bargains in the world in terms of hotel prices, and with a well-developed infrastructure, it’s easy to get around and see what you want to see, be it historic ruins, Buddhist temples, or tropical beaches.

A standard double at a true 5-star hotel in Bangkok for $150 or less per night—or a cheap place to flop down and sleep for 1/20th of that price; admission to the main ruins in Sukothai for under $1; a first-class round-trip sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai for about $15; a Sky train ticket across Bangkok for about $1.30. The hands-down best travel resource for Thailand is Travelfish.org.

5. Mexico

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In 2008, the peso was at 10 to the dollar. Now it’s close to 13. That’s a discount of more than 25 percent in a country that was already a deal. Plus Swine Flu followed by drug gang violence on the U.S. border has meant that travelers have tremendous bargaining power on hotels and tours. To find the best values, visit the historic colonial cities or beach areas where Americans don’t outnumber the locals. (As in places where there’s no Señor Frog’s in sight.)

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A three-course lunch at a market stand for $2; nice hotels in centuries-old colonial buildings for under $40 double with breakfast and Wi-Fi; a round of Negra Modelos for five at nearly any bar, including gratis snacks, for $5; and some of the nicest deluxe buses in the hemisphere for $3 to $4 per hour of travel. It’s a big, diverse country, but here’s an extensive set of links and the best books on one page: Mexico travel resources from Travelers-tool-kit.com.

This 5 exotic resort offers everything you can ever think of. Everyone can visit and stay in here for 14 days without visa. However, you will need to approach each country’s Consulate in your various country or visit the links provided  on this site for an entry permit. These destinations are filled with luxury hot spots for an unforgettable holiday. Usually, applications are done online or at the embassy. Get fast response when you apply online

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