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United Nation: Join The World Global Acceptance For All Refugees & Non Refugees In Canada, USA & UK-Apply

The United Nations is moving to find solutions to the plight of refugees all over the world who flee violence and persecution in their homeland. Some of these refugees have experienced destruction of possessions, murder of family members, torture, terror, and hopelessness. They migrate to other countries of the world with nothing but the clothes they are wearing and face the difficult challenge of starting over in a new language and culture with limited help from the government and voluntary agencies.

The Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres in his speech on Wednesday 6th of December at the United Nation’s headquarters in New York announced that the UN is launching a “World Global acceptance program for Refugees” in Canada, USA and the UK.

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The point of this program is to enhance future acceptance of refugees in Canada, USA and the UK. This program is also aimed at healing the deepest wounds of refugees which are often emotional, refugees still struggle with fear and loneliness. Many refugees end up living in camps where life is difficult and relying on aids from groups and individual for their daily needs but with this program, they have a shot at a better life.

The success of this program will increase the chances of refugees migrating to Canada, US,  the UK and subsequent countries where this program will extend to. The UN has opened a link poll which you will find below to back up this notion and you can either “accept” or “decline”. An acceptance of this program will lead to a global recognition and an increased chances of immigrating into the aforementioned countries.

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You and your family could be the next selected member to live In Canada, USA and UK, all that is required Is join the global campaign through the link provided on this site to apply so as to help actualize this project.

How to Apply

Format for Application

Personal Information

Contact Information

All applications are done online via the links provided.

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